Professionals / Services

We have a broad range of professionals and services who attend our weekly sessions. 



In meeting such professionals/services we can enhance the team created around our children, improving the support, information and advice that both children and families receive.  


It may be that some families do not yet require some of the professionals/services at Jolly Josh though in having met them, it can be comforting to see a familiar face, should they need them in the future.

Meeting such professionals and services in our relaxed, informal environment may also help some of our families to reduce the anxiety in discussing emotional details in clinics as they also have peer support.

Many of our families have gained valuable advice and information from the various professionals/service who attend Jolly Josh.

Our professionals/services who attend Jolly Josh have found the sessions incredibly useful!  They are able to see many children in one sessions, gaining updates from families and discussing next steps.  Some have met families and other services who they were not yet connected to, demonstrating the value of Jolly Josh.

We would absolutely love to hear from any local professionals / service providers who would like to get involved with Jolly Josh.
Please get in touch.