'Young Carers', #CareForMeToo

Today is #NationalYoungCarersDay 2019. Being a #youngcarer has a huge impact and the campaign supports the #CareForMeToo movement to enhance the mental well being of our young carers.

Though I was Joshua's primary carer, Sophie played a significant role. First and foremost her role was 'sister' and the bond they shared was beyond anything I could ever imagine. However she also became a young carer from the tender age of 2 to 3 years old, she knew exactly what her brother needed and wanted. She'd reach for the towel each time he was sick, trying to wipe him up and reassure him, she spoke of his medicines and played doctors with her 'patient.' Sophie showed an understanding of his #feedingtube and the electronic pump attached. She witnessed and cared for Joshua during our hospital and hospice stays, providing comfort, reassurance, play and most of all love. We are exceptionally proud of Sophie as a sister and as a young carer and #siblingcarer, she was and is exposed to factors that no parent would ever wish for their child, yet she brought us so much strength and focus and continues to do so.

Young carers, as young as Sophie may not be 'officially' recognised but the emotional challenges which she experienced were extremely tough. We must work together to promote the mental well-being for sibling carers, voicing the huge impact which goes mostly un-noticed by the rest of the world. #CareForMeToo

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