Plastering Progress

We're so very grateful to each and every fundraiser, sponsor and volunteer who help Jolly Josh and this weekend we've a very special group of people to thank...


Volunteers have spent this sweltering weekend plaster skimming our ‘place to call home’

Our friend Jess is a professional plasterer, and a member of the online Plasterers Forum, she put forward the story of Jolly Josh to the forum and received amazing support from the community. In recent years, this group of people (who have never met each other) have held raffles and raised over £2,000 for our charity. Members sold their PlayStations/games, donated vintage bottles of whiskey, power tools, and a particularly artistic chess board which all contributed towards the total!

This weekend they gave up their time and travelled from all corners of the UK to move us another step closer to opening our doors! Olly came from Devon, Scott came from Norfolk (donating all the plaster), John came from Bedford, Jess and Si came from South Manchester. Other members had planned to join the efforts but due to covid/family reasons weren't able to, Chris (Blackpool), Keith (Ireland), Andrew (Essex), Matt (Nottingham), Mick (Warrington).

Unfortunately, we had planned family commitments (our daughter’s birthday) and we weren’t able to spend much time with the team, however I hope that each member realises just how grateful we are to them for donating their time and efforts, in addition to materials. We are truly grateful! Your kindness is appreciated!

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