Our visit to Reuben's Retreat

Today my Mum and I visited @ReubensRetreat, we were made to feel incredibly welcome and Nicola (Reuben's Mummy and Founder of the retreat) gave us lots of advice and information to help @JollyJosh #Charity to achieve some of our long term dreams. Nicola is such a wonderful woman with a great team of supporters, creating a legacy for her son which benefits many families... I've not only left with some lovely gifts and information but also all the more drive to succeed in providing #Rochdale with more provision for families with disabled children and/or those with complex and special needs to enable them to #connectsupportthrive and #inspireinclusion... Thank you for being so hospitable and helpful, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our future sessions.

I've always had huge aspirations for #JollyJosh, it's potential to develop and provide provisions which aren't currently available, I have a long list and a grand plan. I know that Jolly Josh would make huge inclusive changes for our families, such dreams require large amounts of funding but meeting Nicola today has proved that dreams are achievable...

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