National Sibling Day 2018

Today was #NationalSiblingDay2018

Sophie misses Joshua incredibly, as we all do. She talks about him daily, asks many questions (to which we don't always have the answer) and never leaves him out even though he hasn’t physically been present for 7 months now. Josh and Sophie have a bond that was indescribable; I do worry that because she’s so young she’ll grow to forget lots about him which is one of the reasons why we talk so very openly to her to keep his memory alive. The bond between them is truly unbreakable and now stretches universally.

My own sibling, Dave now has a daughter of his own. Isla Mae was born on 17th March at 28 weeks weighing just 2lbs.2oz. Sophie and Joshua now have a cousin! Isla is doing brilliantly! We thank everyone at @RoyalOldhamHospital who have been involved. Special thanks to the @SpoonsCharity Team, when we had our #NICU themed session at @JollyJosh for #WorldPrematurityDay I never realised how close to home it would become.

Today, we think of those siblings who are unable to play with their brother/sister, the families that can only imagine the life that they once had planned...

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