Meet the Woman Behind the PPE Mask

Our gallery, #aportraitofourfamilies features Anna in her professional capacity in full #PPE, click here to view. Below we introduce Anna, the woman behind the mask...

Anna is a Children's Complex and Palliative Specialist Care Nurse. Our family were first introduced to Anna when she came to visit us at Manchester Children's Hospital after we were told that Joshua only had weeks, if months to live. Anna became a regular visitor, she also supported us at Derian House Children's Hospice and thereafter at home as we began to provide Joshua's #palliativecare Anna got to know Joshua, our family and our extended family and friends.

Anna provided Joshua's care and supported our family until Joshua passed away in August 2017. She also empowered me when I began to voice the need for a group such as Jolly Josh, so much so that she agreed to be a trustee!

Anna also supported me in February 2019 when I finally broke my silence about the events after Joshua's passing. Anna, Sarah Fisher (Joshua's named nurse) and I attended the North West Children's and Young People's End of Life and Palliative Care Summit #CYpEol where I was a guest speaker (for the first ever time).

Anna became an important person to our family and we're lucky that she's now a huge part of Jolly Josh too!

Here's what Anna had to say...

"I first met Carole, James, Sophie and Josh when Josh was very poorly. As a complex and palliative care specialist nurse I can meet babies, children and their families at potentially one of the worst times in their lives. I feel that I am very honoured to work alongside each family throughout their journey however long or short this is. I am passionate about the fact that everyone deserves the best care possible and respect the choices that they make for their family. I walk alongside them throughout this time with the amazing support of the children’s community nurses and other professionals.

I am proud to be a part of Jolly Josh. The support that this charity gives to our families is truly amazing, especially during this lock down period of time. Our families that have babies, children and young people with complex health needs have been inspirational and they have shown what resilience really means.

I have loved being a part of ‘a portrait of our families’, seeing the smiling faces of the children having their photographs taken and this will be forever etched on my memory. They are memories to be cherished.

On a personal level, it was lovely for Asia to come to my home and take photographs of my family and horses. It is often difficult in the role that I have balancing work and family life. It was lovely to include my husband and children, to give them some thanks for the sacrifices that they sometimes make when mum is out at work. My horses are a major part of my downtime. My family and my horses are my escape that keep me grounded, to continue nursing every day doing the job that I love so much.

Thank you so much to Carole and Asia for providing this amazing experience to our families and myself."

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