#Sayingthanks to Award Winning Photographer, Asia Burrill

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Meet the woman behind the camera...

Our #JollyJosh volunteers come in many different forms, here we introduce our volunteer photographer for our recent project...

Award Winning photographer, Asia Burrill, was the wedding photographer of Carole and James Kelly, in 2017 (the founders of Jolly Josh, Joshua's parents.) Joshua passed away just two months later.

During the #lockdown of the #covid19 #pandemic, Jolly Josh was inspired by the Photography Project #aportraitofournation set by the Duchess of Cambridge & the National Portrait Gallery.

So we approached Asia with the idea to create #aportraitofourfamilies , she instantly agreed and we were thrilled! We knew that this project would be a very special introduction to some our our families, but more so, an opportunity to highlight our families experiences whilst shielding their vulnerable loved ones, of course, with the focus to capture memories for our families to treasure!

The photographs have been incredibly moving, Asia is not only a highly talented photographer but also our families have commented on how friendly she is and how comfortable Asia made them feel during the photo shoot.

We will be forever thankful to Asia for capturing these special moments, Asia has given so much voluntary time to this project, thank you' just doesn't seem enough!

Here's what Asia had to say...

‘A portrait of our families during lockdown 2020’ initiated by Jolly Josh charity has undoubtedly become one of the most fulfilling and emotionally charged photography projects I have ever been involved in.

Covid-19 pandemic has altered our reality and moved us all into unfamiliar places, both emotionally and physically. Everything has changed, yet lives had to go on, albeit with it’s altered routines, responsibilities and everyday realities. When Carole, the founder of Jolly Josh charity, that helps families of children of ‘other abilities’, as I call them, suggested the idea of photographing their lives under pandemic scenarios, I was swept off my feet. The idea was so powerful, authentic, raw and heart-warming.

I get so emotional every-time I am allowed to glimpse into the families’ lives and immortalise such rainbow of emotions and moments. The energy of gratitude from everyone involved, the bashful smiles, infectious happiness, and sometimes tears have moved me to the core and will stay with me forever.

Thank you again Carole for this life-changing and inspiring opportunity, I am sure we have all touched people’s hearts, may it continue."

Jolly Josh wouldn’t function without our volunteers who support us. We have various volunteers supporting different aspects of our charity, taking into account personal interests and strengths, for example, we have volunteers such as Asia, those who support our weekly sessions, volunteer bid writers, in addition, we have volunteers who support the planning and organisation of our fundraising events.

If you’d like to offer your support we’d love to hear from you, qualifications are not a necessity, we value personal qualities and life experience. Please take the first step in contacting us, enquiries can be sent to Hello@JollyJosh.co.uk

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