Forever Thankful to Peter G Cordwell

It is with deepest sadness that today we share the news that Pete (Director of PGC), our wonderful, generous sponsor, has passed away.

This time last week Pete, Dan (also our sponsor) and I, had spent the afternoon at the our #placetocall home, we’d had successful meetings with regards to the construction of the flooring, wall panels and cladding. To celebrate our progress we went for lunch, Oliver stole chips off his plate, Pete was his fabulous self, and the room was filled with laughter. I’m sure that Pete knew what his generosity meant to me, my family, our Jolly Josh families and professionals but I wish that during that lunch meeting I’d have emphasised just how grateful we are to him for believing in us, for his support in providing us with a venue to call home. In all honesty though, I don’t think he’d have coped well because I’d have been overcome with emotion and he wouldn’t have wanted to mop up my tears of gratitude, instead we often joked about my ‘sob story’. Pete would play down my appreciation, but I really hope that deep down he knew the impact that he had made.

On the 2nd November 2019 (one year ago, see photograph) we gathered in Pete’s building to announce the news that Jolly Josh would start the construction of our fully inclusive centre, in meeting our families on this day, Pete’s support for our charity grew all the more. One year later, we’ve almost achieved our dream, I’m just so very sorry that Pete won’t be here to celebrate our opening with us, nor to watch us develop the charity. When I first met Pete and Dan in September 2019, I never imagined we’d achieve so much, so quickly. They took our small, newly established charity under their wings and helped us to fly, their passion to support us was embraced by their family and friends, our condolences and thoughts are now with them.

Now, it’s our time to support Pete, we vow to make him and his family proud, to continue our journey with the gift that he gave us. Pete’s legacy will live on, just as Joshua’s does, at Jolly Josh, and we will always honour his memory.

We now wish to respect his family and friends time to grieve, offering our thoughts, support, and love.

We’ll be forever thankful Pete, such a special, generous and kind man. xx

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