Feeding Tube Awareness

As we come to the end of #FeedingTubeAwarenessWeek2019 this seems perfectly fitting to share. Josh was tube fed throughout 24 hours, I woke up many times in the night to the #pumpsbeepalot.

The day that Josh was fitted with his #NG sadly brought great relief as he was so malnourished and we had no way of feeding him. This wasn't the entire solution as his gut couldn't tolerate a bolus feed and therefore he needed an electronic pump. We basically programmed the pump to 'drip feed' him at an extremely slow rate to help his gut to cope. Josh would have had a #Gastrostomy (stomach feeding tube rather than nasal) and a Jegunostomy (feeding into the small intestine) but he was not strong enough for the operation. Many children have this form of feeding tube which is less noticeable than a Nasal Gastric tube and more permanent.

The thought of a feeding tube is often a huge, emotional decision and @JollyJosh we pride ourselves on the fact that our families share this journey together, educating one another on the pros and cons, highs and lows and general factors or having a tube fed child.

More often than not tube feeding is a method used to 'top up' oral feeding, providing extra intake of calories, however for many 'nil by mouth' children/people like Josh it is the only solution for feeding.

Ask questions, let your children ask questions and learn to see past the tubes 💙

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