Farm Fun

Thank you to all of our babies, tots and their families who joined us for our Farm Fun themed #stayandplay session @JollyJosh #Rochdale. Our little ones explored play farm animals and farm equipment both indoors and outdoors. We enjoyed reading stories of farm animals and enjoyed playing with the different textures of sawdust, straw and astroturf in our indoor space. As you can see from the photo's; our little ones got involved and had lots of exploratory fun!

Thank you to our visiting professional, Lisa; a #SeniorPaediatricPhysiotherapist @TheHMRPaediatricPhysiotherapyService for engaging with our little ones and their families. Lisa was on hand to give advice and support for a range of physiotherapy needs that our little ones require. Our tots always enjoy playing with Lisa when she visits!

Join us next week for our 'In The Garden' themed activities.


#InspireInclusion #SEND

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