What a fun session we had at this weeks Armistice themed #stayandplay session @JollyJosh #Rochdale. Our little ones enjoyed using gardening tools to 'plant' poppies in our tuff tray and explored the texture of soil. Some of our little ones got creative and printed poppy shapes using tubes and paint to make a poppy pattern before sticking buttons in the middle. We printed both red poppies - to remember the Armed Forces lost in war, and purple poppies - to remember the animals who served our country at wartime. As you can see from our photos, the little ones had lots of messy fun!

This weeks session was supported by our visiting professional Carly an #EarlySupportKeyWorker who always makes our sessions extra fun by playing with our little ones and supporting our parents with any issues they may be facing; thank you Carly!

Thank you to all of our little ones and their parents/carers for visiting our session, we look forward to seeing you next week on Thursday 14th November for our baby clinic themed session for #WorldPrematurityDay.


#InspireInclusion #SEND

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