A Teddy Bear's Picnic

Our babies and tots enjoyed picnicking with teddy bear's for our #stayandplay @JollyJosh #Rochdale session this week. We had lots of fun exploring the picnic sets, enjoying feeding teddy bears and reading stories about bears.

As you can see from the photographs, our babies and little ones also enjoyed getting creative, making teddy bear headbands.

After our visit from Debbie and Kelly, both #OralHealthPromotionOfficers from @LivingWell at a recent session, we made changes to the snacks we give our families. During this session we made toast as a teeth friendly snack to support #oralhygiene. The little ones enjoyed 'picnicking' with the bears and even shared their toast with them!

Thank you to our visiting professional, Sally; an experienced #ChildrensOccupationalTherapist from @HMRChildren'sOccupationalTherapyService. Sally was able to support 'Child X' during our session. 'Child X' is a tot who is developing mobility. Sally supported 'Child X' in moving from a sitting position on the floor to moving more freely forwards to play. We are always so proud of our babies and tots when they develop new skills or try out new experiences.

Thank you to everyone who visited this week to make our session so fun, please join us next week @JollyJosh #Rochdale for our traffic themed session.

Did you know you can create similar activities at home with our #RentABox scheme? Have a look on our website for more details @JollyJosh.


#InspireInclusion #SEND

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