Our objectives

Inspire inclusion

The objectives of Jolly Josh CIO is to relieve the needs of learning disabled children and young people, their families and carers within Rochdale and the surrounding area, particularly but not exclusively by:


  • facilitating sessions for those with disability and/or additional/complex needs, to improve the quality of life of those living with a disability, additional need and/or life limiting condition and their families;

  • helping connect those with a disability(s) and/or additional/complex needs and their families to professional support agencies and other charities to further support;

  • providing peer to peer support for families and carers of those caring for a person with disability(s) and/or additional/complex needs;

  • providing a safe, secure and inclusive environment for those with a disability(s) and/or additional/complex needs along with their families and carers outside of the home;

  • to do all things possible to help those with additional/complex needs, disabilities, profound and multiple disabilities and their families;

  • arrange, or support public meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, courses of instruction and other educational activities, including for the consideration and discussion relating to additional/complex needs, disabilities and profound and multiple disabilities;

  • publish and distribute PowerPoints, presentations, books, pamphlets, reports, leaflets, journals, films, tapes and instructional matter on any media;

  • provide or procure the provision of advice, professional services, counselling, holistic services, therapies and guidance;

  • alone or with other organisations seek to influence public opinion, make representations to and seek to influence governmental /institutions/other bodies regarding the development and implementation of appropriate policies provided that all such activities shall be conducted on the basis of well-founded, reasoned argument.​