Connect. Support. Thrive

Inspire Inclusion

Jolly Josh aims to enable families with children with disabilities and/or complex/additional needs to #ConnectSupportThrive and #InspireInclusion.


At Jolly Josh we aim to provide a safe and secure environment in which children with disabilities and/or complex/additional needs, their siblings and their families can connect.  We are a welcoming group of parents/carers whose children benefit from sensory play experiences whilst we meet. We have a range of special needs equipment to help children to access play. Our weekly 'stay and play' sessions are attended by a wide range of professionals and services (see our timetable for more details) in order to enable our families to Connect, Support and Thrive.


​At Jolly Josh our families gain peer support from each other, discussing factors which are relevant to children with disabilities and complex, additional needs. 


We also link with a wide variety of professionals on a weekly basis (please see our timetable) who provide valuable advice and information to enhance the support our families receive. We also hope that in meeting professionals at Jolly Josh we can relieve some of the anxieties of the more formal appointments and clinics. 

We are able to signpost families to various professionals and services, supporting them as much as possible in their daily lives.


At Jolly Josh, it is our hope that in connecting and supporting families we can work together to enable our children to thrive.

'Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.' Helen Keller

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Knowledge network support group

We also provide a 'Knowledge Network' support group.  'Knowledge Network'  sessions are attended by parents/carers who have experience of raising children with disabilities/special needs (see timetable).  It is hoped that parents/carers with older children can offer advice and information to those who are in the early stages of diagnosis/presenting symptoms.
To view our Knowledge Network sessions please see our Blog.