Meet our families

Inspired by the #HoldStill photography project lead by the Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, we decided to create 

'A portrait of our families during #lockdown 2020'. 


Spirit, mood, hopes, fears and feelings are all clearly expressed in these moving images, but most importantly illustrated, is love and care.  Our families are #shielding their loved ones during the #covid19 #coronavirus #pandemic.

Award-winning photographer, Asia Burrill, has captured these beautiful moments #throughtheglass via #socialdistancing.

The images not only show daily life for our families but also the #newnormal as our #helpersandheroes from the Northern Care Alliance #NHS group, wear full #PPE.

Pictured, is Anna Oddy, Children's Complex & Palliative Care Specialist Nurse, Anna was Joshua's nurse, she is a #JollyJosh trustee.

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Meet some of our families and hear what they have to say...

  • Family A

    'Family A' include Jade and Christian from Britain's Got Talent #SignAlongWithUs, who are our #JollyJosh Ambassadors.

  • Family B

    This is my Beautiful daughter E*.
    Sometimes I sit back & think how far my little solider has come.

  • Family C

    As a family, dad was furloughed, and I started to work from home due to T* being classed as high risk and required to be shielded. T* has Down Syndrome and born with a hole in his heart which was repaired at 5 months old.

  • Family D

    The garden is my favourite place. I love listening to the birds and my music.

  • Family E

    I’m L*, I live with my Mummy sisters and brother. I am nearly 4 years old and I have cerebral palsy which means I can’t walk or talk yet.

  • Family F

    M* is 10. Just before her first birthday, she was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder (inverted duplication deletion 8p). M* has complex physical and medical needs but that doesn’t define her.

  • Family G

    We are a family of 4. Our children are L*, 7 and T*, 4. The week before lockdown T* was given the diagnosis of Autism on top of Sensory Processing Disorder, Language Delay and Global Developmental delay. He also has dyspraxic and ADHD tendencies.

  • Family H

    I know its hard...
    I know it’s hard, especially during this time. Timetables, routines, meeting with friends, coffee dates, lunch dates & strolls across the lake.

  • Family I

    O’s smile returns...

  • Family J

    T* has a rare condition called glycogen storage disease- type 4.

  • Family K

    Family K

  • Family L

    Our beautiful sunshine who brings us sunshine through her smiles during lockdown.

  • Family M

    This is us... Mummy, Daddy, two beautiful princesses and our fur baby Douglas.
    Our two gorgeous girls are 3 and 4 and are both incredible miracles.

  • Family N

    It was a shock when we received I*'s diagnosis, and as it's such a rare condition there is a lot unknown and many unanswered questions...

  • Family O

    At just 11 days old I contracted meningitis and was very poorly but I am a warrior and I beat that horrible disease.

  • Family P

    This is me being super cool with with my family in my favourite place at home.

  • Family Q

    Family Q

  • Family R

    I* is a loving and determined little girl, she doesn't let things get in her way and she is full of mischief.

  • Family S

    Family S

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