Janine Parry

Paediatric Nurse Practitioner

I’m Janine Parry. I’m a married mother of one from Rochdale. ​ I am a Registered Children’s Nurse with over 11 years of experience in both Hospital and Community settings. I have worked for the Children’s Community Nursing Team (part of the Children’s Acute and Ongoing Needs Service) in Rochdale for 6 years, and in this time have progressed from a Staff Nurse to my current role of Paediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). My job involves assessing children who present with minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, fevers, rashes, vomiting and tummy aches. I am able to carry out a clinical assessment, provide a diagnosis, provide treatment and advice and refer to hospitals/other specialists when required. I first met beautiful Joshua when the main Children’s Community Nursing Team asked me to visit him due to a suspected Chest infection. I remember that despite Joshua being unwell he remained so happy and even managed a little smile for me. Although Joshua was mainly cared for by our palliative nurse specialist and the main nursing team I always kept myself up to date on his journey and I was lucky enough to meet him again on a few occasions. I also had the privilege of having Joshua star in a short film with me! To view the footage please follow the link provided (from 1.40min). ​ ​ Meeting Joshua had a lasting impact on me and I am extremely proud to help Carole keep his legacy burning bright as a trustee of Jolly Josh!