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We are a family of 4. Our children are L*, 7 and T*, 4. The week before lockdown T* was given the diagnosis of Autism on top of Sensory Processing Disorder, Language Delay and Global Developmental delay. He also has dyspraxic and ADHD tendencies.

Mentally this was a hard time for the diagnosis to come, being isolated with a lot of time to think. Though as the weeks have passed, the news has become the norm as we expected it to come for a while. T* loves to be home and is content amongst his favourite toys and places in the house, so lockdown has been wonderful for him. His speech as made a remarkable improvement and our daughter L* has spent time learning about T*’ therapy’s through completing the 2.6 challenge- Jolly Josh Sensory circuit. It will a new world we step out into after lockdown which makes us nervous but for now, in our own little bubble. We are safe and happy. :)

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