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As a family, dad was furloughed, and I started to work from home due to T* being classed as high risk and required to be shielded. T* has Down Syndrome and born with a hole in his heart which was repaired at 5 months old.

Thankfully a lot of T*'s appointments have been telephone consultations as his condition is stable. T* has found it frustrating being stuck inside but we have managed to take him to the local park for walks in his walking frame. It has also been difficult not seeing family and friends and to keep a regular routine. Although we constantly experience a range of emotions, we feel very fortunate that the lockdown has helped give us the much needed valuable time as a family to assist T* with his delayed development so he benefits from this period of isolation. We are extremely proud of T* as he has always taken everything in his stride, he is a happy, smiley, very friendly and sociable little boy! We have sought a variety of ways to keep ourselves amused during lockdown but so far we have not managed to perfect the art of volleying a teabag into a cup.

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